dark_nymph1189 (dark_nymph1189) wrote in ktmembers,

Yarn/Wool blend dreads for sale

These dreads are brand new that i just made today (6/6/06) The are made out of yarn/wool blend called Thick and Thin. They're pretty lightweight from what i felt of these ones, i know with my pair i wore them for about 7 hours without to much headache from the tugging of them. They are extremely soft and you'll just want to sit and pet them. They come to about mid-back/boobs. I only wore these for the pictures. These are a pair of falls but i highly suggest they be worn as one because apart they are a little to thin for most people to wear. Together they have a great thickness and you shouldn't have to worry about hair showing unless you have a super thick bun.

I'm asking at least $20 for these because the yarn cost $12 so i only make a $6 profit. I have a paypal account which is easiest but i'll accept cash or money order. I'll pay for S&H on them since it shouldn't be to much. I only ship within the U.S. (sorry to everyone out side the U.S., inbox me and maybe we can set something up for another pair) If you want me to send first because i haven't sold here before i can but only if you have sold or bought on here a couple of times. If you think the price if unreasonable then inbox me and maybe we can work something out.

Each of the falls has 49 yards of Yarn/wool on it

The first 2 pictures show the colors the best, the last 2 make them look more orangey then they are

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